Corporate Health

About Corporate Health

We offer a range of corporate wellness services, both virtual and in-office, aimed at promoting the health and well-being of employees, productivity and workplace culture. 

  • Health and Wellness Workshops: workshops and seminars on a variety of health and wellness topics. Workshops can cover nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene, productivity, and strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Workshops can be tailored to the specific needs and interests of the organization and its employees.
  • Individual Health Assessments: individual health assessments for employees. Assessments may include a review of their health history, dietary habits, lifestyle, existing health concerns and comprehensive lab work. Based on these assessments, personalized recommendations and treatment plans can be provided.
  • Stress Management and Mental Health Support: stress management techniques and mental health support, including mindfulness training, relaxation exercises, and guidance on managing stress and anxiety. These services can contribute to improved emotional well-being among employees, productivity and workplace culture. 
  • On-Site Health Clinics: on-site health assessments and consultations, massage, cupping and acupuncture therapies. 
  • Workplace Wellness Programs: strategic workplace wellness programs. These programs will include a combination of all of the services mentioned above, as well as initiatives to create a healthier work environment, to provide systemic improvements in health and well-being of organizations as a whole.